Solidarity at the heart of your business strategy

    By becoming a partner of the Acadena program, you are participating in a brighter future for these kids from the slums of Thailand.

    Partnering with Acadena means:

    Engaging your company in an educational sports program centred around football

    Associating your name with the Acadena program, known for its rigour and transparency

    • Taking stand with your partners against the continued marginalisation of underprivileged children

    Reinforcing the values of solidarity at the heart of your company

    Creating wider exposure for your brand

  • ENGIE Foundation

    Main sponsor

    ENGIE Foundation

    Launched in 2010, ENGIE Foundation works on integration through sports and supports Acadena in its development.




    Décathlon launched its 1st store in Bangkok in October 2015 before launching 8 stores across the country.

    Acadena's supplier since 2016.

    JMG Academy

    Technical support

    JMG Academy

    JMG Academy is a world-renowned football academy created by Jean-Marc Guillou.

    JMG Academy supports the Acadena program.

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